принимать имя существительное:
взятие (take)
дубль (take)
захват (grab, capture, taking, seizure, grip, take)
сбор (collection, Assembly, collecting, gathering, fee, take)
выручка (proceeds, earnings, receipts, gain, takings, take)
улов (catch, haul, take, taking, draught)
барыши (gain, taking, take)
урок наборщика (take)
кинокадр (picture, take)
принимать (take, accept, receive, adopt, assume, pass)
брать (take, get, accept, take out, take in, reach)
считать (find, think, consider, count, feel, take)
занимать (occupy, take, hold, borrow, engage, take up)
использовать (use, utilize, make use of, employ, apply, take)
снимать (remove, take off, take, photograph, take down, pick)
получать (get, receive, obtain, have, gain, take)
воспринимать (perceive, take, receive, embrace)
отнимать (take, subtract, take away, deprive, rob, take up)
требовать (require, demand, claim, ask, take, call for)
овладеть (take, take possession of, obsess, invade, come over, overreach)
везти (carry, take, wheel, have luck, tote, trundle)
выбирать (choose, select, pick, opt, elect, take)
действовать (act, function, operate, work, proceed, take)
относить (refer, attribute, relegate, take, take to, take back)
относиться (treat, refer, belong, relate, concern, take)
понимать (understand, see, realize, comprehend, appreciate, take)
садиться (sit down, take, set, board, have a seat, get in)
захватывать (grab, capture, grip, seize, grasp, take)
есть (eat, make, take, pick, grub, walk into)
уносить (take, take away, carry away, carry off, remove, whirl away)
доставлять (deliver, bring, supply, take, get, furnish)
брать с собой (take)
отводить (allot, take, avert, divert, withdraw, lead)
доставать (get, take, reach, procure, provide, fetch)
потреблять (consume, take)
полагать (believe, think, suppose, consider, guess, take)
сопровождать (accompany, escort, companion, follow, attend, take)
ловить (catch, take, prey, prey on, prey upon)
нанимать (hire, employ, engage, take, rent, charter)
измерять (measure, gauge, meter, determine, take, mete)
глотать (swallow, ingest, gulp, take, gulp down, Down)
сносить (demolish, raze, take down, tear down, take, suffer)
добывать (extract, mine, obtain, get, make, take)
свезти (take, bring down, take away, bring together, remove, take downhill)
соглашаться (agree, consent, accept, concur, comply, take)
преодолевать (overcome, surmount, cover, negotiate, get over, take)
заводить (start, wind up, wind, bring, establish, take)
провожать (see off, see, follow, take, send off)
реагировать (respond, react, answer, take)
завезти (bring, take, drop off, leave)
поддаваться (succumb, yield, give way, fall for, surrender, take)
выигрывать (Win, score, gain, take, carry off, bear away)
развозить (deliver, drive, take, be down, conduct, become weak)
выписывать (write, write out, draw, discharge, make out, take)
увлекать (enthrall, carry away, captivate, take, sweep, sweep along)
регулярно получать (take, take in)
довозить (take)
принимать внутрь (take)
иметь успех (be successful, succeed, take, take on, come off, answer)
подвергаться (undergo, incur, have, go through, fall under, take)
заражаться (catch, be infected, taint, get, take)
схватываться (set, take)
рисовать (draw, depict, design, pencil, feature, take)
оказывать действие (ACT, work, take)
нравиться (like, please, appeal, fancy, fetch, take)
твердеть (harden, solidify, set, consolidate, concrete, take)
брать в плен (capture, take)
разводить (breed, dilute, raise, grow, cultivate, take)
брать препятствие (fence, take a leap, clear a leap, clear an obstacle, take)
воздействовать (affect, manipulate, react, reverberate, take)
быть очарованным (take)
приохотиться (take)
изображать (depict, portray, represent, paint, describe, take)
фотографировать (photograph, photo, shoot, snapshot, mug, take)
заболеть (fall ill, fall sick, get ill, contract a disease, lapse into illness, take)
пользоваться (use, enjoy, make use of, exercise, have the use of, take)
выходить на фотографии (photograph, take)
вычитать (subtract, deduct, take away, recoup, subduct, take)

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